Let’s Discuss the Changes at CAWHC

Hello there! I would like to welcome you to the all new CAWHC organization. As the title suggests, there are some changes that I am undertaking here at this site. This may seem surprising to those of you who have been regulars here in the past; however, nothing in this life is certain (except, of course, for change).

I just feel like the time is right to explore some of my different interests, and this blog is a good place for me to air my thoughts. For example, I enjoy talking about money (who doesn’t – except for those of us who don’t have enough), I enjoy home projects – lots of DIY stuff, and other things (reading, travel, cooking, etc).

So, in other words, my interests are broad, and I’ll be sharing a bunch of them with you here! Stay close to the site, because I’ll be writing very soon.